These short sketches were originally performed at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre “Lizard” Nights, and have since been shown at other venues. They are very suitable for pub/club shows. No settings are required, props are minimal, and they can be done as rehearsed readings with scripts if required.

AKUSTAN                    2M, 1F       3min      No specific dialect

No-one ever stays in the Akustan office for long, but JB is sure he can charm young Jane into taking the job.

First Performed 5/7/1999 by Rikki Callan (JB); Colin Brown (George); Elaine Ellis (Jane)

SPRING CHICKENS      1M, 1F       4min       No specific dialect

An Antarctic penguin-spotting trip turns into more of an adventure than Fred and Connie imagined.

First Performed 6/3/2000 by Rikki Callan (Fred); Elaine Ellis (Connie),  Directed by Kate Nelson

CUSTOMER CARE       1F monologue      4min     Scots dialect, but adaptable for others

Sandy’s wife has a night job in the “service industry”  – but it’s not exactly what he thinks. Note: this sketch content is intended for adult audiences

First Performed 2/10/2000 by Elizabeth Strachan, Directed by Kate Nelson

Click on the title of each sketch to get a downloadable PDF reading copy. There is currently no royalty fee for performing them, but please note that permission must always be obtained beforehand; contact me for details

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